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The Virtual Great Gray Thing That Holds All Knowledge

The Great Gray Thing That Holds All Knowledge is located right inside the Band Room door and is where all papers handed out to Band students may be found. This virtual version features downloadable versions of all handouts. Parents might want to get in the habit of checking back here once in a while to see what has been handed out recently in Band.

Jazz Band Audition Packets
Permission Slips are due Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018.

Study Recording
  • Stomping' at the Savoy

  • All About Jazz Band Reference Sheet

    Trumpet Jazz Audition Packet
    Trombone Jazz Audition Packet
    Alto Sax Jazz Audition Packet
    Tenor Sax Jazz Audition Packet
    Bari Sax Jazz Audition Packet
    Piano Jazz Audition Packet
    Guitar Jazz Audition Packet
    Bass Jazz Audition Packet
    Drums Jazz Audition Packet
    Posted: Sept. 17, 2018
    All State Band Auditions
    Registration Form
    Due Friday, Sept. 21, 2018.
    Posted: Sept. 13, 2018
    FQMS Concert Uniform Music Polo Shirt ($19)
    Order Form
    If you prefer, you may pay online
    Due Friday, Sept. 21, 2018.
    Posted: Sept. 13, 2018
    Trombone Choir Permission Slip
    Permission Slips are due Friday, Sept. 21, 2018.
    Permission Slip
    Posted: Sept. 13, 2018
    Howard County GT / Honors Band
    Audition Information Packet
    Registration Link
    Audition Music and Scale Sheets
    Posted: Sept. 13, 2018
    Audition Class
    Permission Slip
    Audition Class begins Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018.
    Posted: Sept. 13, 2018
    Calendar of Known Dates
    Calendar of Known Dates
    Posted: Sept. 13, 2018
    Folly Quarter Band Handbook
    FQMS Band Handbook
    Please note: The last page of the Band Handbook is the Band Permission Slip, due Fri., Oct. 12.

    Posted: Sept. 13, 2018