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Private Instructors

This is a list of Private Instructors highly recommended by Mr. Spang. This list is constantly growing. Instructors: Please contact me if you do not see your name! Please send me a reminder e-mail or telephone call to include you. Also, please contact me if you see an error or an oversight.

Instrument Name Telephone
Bassoon Monica Schwartz 410-905-0997
Bassoon Barry Trent 301-317-7743
Clarinet/Saxophone Dr. Eyal Bor 410-799-7813
Clarinet/Saxophone Robert Chamberlin 301-498-6379
Clarinet/Saxophone Kyle Coughlin 410-358-2493
Clarinet/Saxophone Charlene McDaniel 410-707-5181
Clarinet/Saxophone Ann Quinn 410-747-4920
Clarinet/Saxophone William Welty 410-465-5041
Clarinet/Saxophone Brenda Williams 410-461-1844
Flute Joan da'Silva Heit 410-655-6849
Flute Gina Eichman 410-750-9187
Flute Marlee Lindon 410-489-7796
Flute Melissa Lindon 202-257-2899
French Horn Cally Messick 410-549-9770
French Horn Larry Williams 410-539-6487
Improvisation Tom Monroe 410-964-3185
Oboe Barbara Girdler 410-992-4648
Percussion Robby Burns 410-207-6465
Percussion Joel Frisch 410-258-1430
Percussion Saul Green 443-970-1224
Percussion Robert Miller 410-992-1933
Percussion Sharon O'Rourke 410-365-0091
Percussion Richard Twigg 410-259-7442
Saxophone Matt Belzer 410-455-0318
Saxophone Bruce Coates 410-750-2847
Saxophone Vanessa Collier 443-538-3129
Saxophone Scott Paddock 443-804-6774
Saxophone Chris Winters 410-442-5779
Trombone/Euphonium/Tuba Mike Buckley 410-489-0359
Trombone/Euphonium/Tuba Dennis Mercer 443-980-7338
Trombone/Euphonium David Scienella 301-879-3064
Trumpet Ron Bowman 301-206-3268
Trumpet Todd Butler 410-960-1209
Trumpet Brian Drake 410-902-1084
Trumpet Brent Flinchbaugh 443-956-8493
Trumpet David Matchim 440-506-5798
Trumpet Stuart Smith 301-655-3540
Trumpet Patrick Whitehead 301-322-4582
Tuba/Euphonium Michael Parker 410-444-6360