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The mission of the Folly Quarter Middle School Band Program is to present a comprehensive musical program that performs at the highest level possible and prepares students to become knowledgeable and appreciative musicians and positive members of society. In music, as in many aspects of life, we can always improve. Improvement requires change: no matter how good you are, you can always get better. Change, therefore, should not be viewed as a stressful crisis, but rather as a necessary step towards a higher level of ability or performance. Change, although not always accompanied by the comforting feeling of familiarity, is an exciting opportunity and pathway to growth. Our primary objective is to awake and nurture within each and every student an appreciation of music and musicality both as a performer and as a listener.

To achieve this goal, music will be taught via instrumental performance in order to develop:

  • The ability to perform on a musical instrument.
  • An understanding of the fundamental building blocks of music and musical performance key to achieving comprehension of a pleasing and expressive musical performance.
  • The ability to perform self-assessments in order to foster growth in both musical ability and performance.
  • An appreciation of aesthetic expectation and satisfaction -- a sensitivity to beauty that will result in an inherent emotional responsiveness to the arts.
  • An appreciation and understanding of quality in all types of music and its performance.
  • The desire and ability to help perpetuate the cultural assets of society.
  • An interest in the creative and expressive possibilities found in music which, in turn, will encourage and enable future exploration and understanding of new musical styles.
  • A sensitivity to and understanding of the basic elements of music: tone, melody, rhythm, harmony, expectation and gratification, and musical form.
  • A lasting interest in music which will develop during the period of formal education, but continue beyond, so that music will become a firmly established facet of daily living.
FQMS Band Handbook: Table of Contents | Next