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Guidelines for School-Owned Instruments

At Folly Quarter Middle School we are very lucky to have a large number of professional-quality and near-professional-quality instruments. Although it is expected that most students will rent or own their own instruments, some instruments (due to size, extremely high cost, and rarity) will be available for student use during the school year. These instruments include, but are not limited to, french horns, trombones, euphoniums, tubas, oboes, bassoons, tenor and bari saxes, and percussion equipment.

Students may complete a MUSIC EQUIPMENT STUDENT LOAN AGREEMENT and utilize a particular school owned instrument while at school or at home. All students (not just those using the instrument) must comply to the following guidelines:

You are responsible for proper care and protection of the instrument at all times.

You are responsible for any repair and/or replacement from damage, accidental or due to negligence or abuse.

The instrument must be returned immediately at any time requested by the Band Director or School Administrative Staff.

Instruments will be checked on a monthly basis by the Band Director to ensure proper care and protective measures are being taken by the student.

Because we only have a limited number of school-owned instruments, a student's use of a particular instrument may preclude another instrumentalist from using it. Therefore, it is imperative that the student agree to be a positive contributor to the band by practicing, being present at all rehearsals and performances, maintaining a proper demeanor, and playing at his or her highest level possible.

Unless instructed by the Band Director, the student will perform on this instrument for the entire school year.

To help ensure the positive musical contribution of students using the limited number of school owned instruments, private lessons are recommended.

Finally, all students in the band program will take an active role in protecting and maintaining the "like-new" condition of all school-owned instruments and facilities.

FQMS Band Handbook: Previous | Table of Contents