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Band Requirements

Because of the performance nature of music and the team effort required to perform with an instrumental ensemble, it is imperative that students and their families realize that band is a commitment of time, money, effort, and emotion. Each and every member of the ensemble is crucial to the success of the overall ensemble.

Students involved in band are making a primary commitment for the entire school year.

We recognize the importance in studentsÕ lives of extracurricular events such as sports, dance, scouts, drama, etc., but a studentÕs curricular commitments must be primary. There are not many evening requirements for band and therefore they must be considered over sporting events, scout meetings, and the like. Students who have an unexcused absence during a concert or night rehearsal can no longer be considered performing members of the ensemble. The Howard County Public School System recognizes the following as excused absences: 1.) Serious Illness, 2.) Death in the Family, 3.) Required Court Appearance, 4.) School visitation, or 5.) Religious observance as excused absence.

Band is a performance class and, as such, students will be required to perform in concerts at the appropriate times. All evening activities of the bands will be announced well in advance and in writing. Attendance at all concerts and rehearsals of the ensemble is required of each and every member. A musical ensemble is a team and a team is only as strong as its weakest member. Attendance is required not only to prepare each individual member of the ensemble, but to blend the individual sounds into a cohesive whole. In short, even if you feel you do not need the rehearsal, the ensemble needs you there.

In an effort to create a unified image, students will be required to wear a band uniform at all concert performances. The Folly Quarter Concert Uniform will be as follows:

  • A White Folly Quarter Music Polo Shirt*.
  • Black pants or a long black skirt.
  • Black shoes.

* These shirts will be ordered using the Band Uniform Order Form found later in this manual. All students will perform wearing the Folly Quarter White Music Polo Shirt. Shirts may be borrowed for an individual performance as available if families elect not to purchase a shirt.

Students will be required to wear concert dress at all public appearances of the Folly Quarter Middle School Band.

Please allow plenty of time when attending concerts. Students will be required to arrive well before the concert begins to set up and tune. Typically, students should expect to arrive 75 minutes prior to the beginning of a concert. The audience will usually not be allowed in until 20 minutes prior to the performance. Please plan to stay for the entire concert.

Concert etiquette requires that no one enter or leave a concert hall while a performance is in progress. If we appear on a concert with another ensemble, whether from our school or another, it is expected that each and every member of the Folly Quarter Middle School Band will be a respectful and courteous audience member for that ensemble, just as we would expect of any other audience member for our own performance. Please put concert dates on your family calendar, and plan to block out the entire evening to enjoy the entire concert.

Flash cameras will distract the performers. Please do not use flashes while students are playing.

So that all may enjoy a concert, there should be no talking, eating, drinking, smoking, or excessive movement while a performance is taking place. Cell phones should be turned off.

Students must be prepared for all rehearsals. Please take a moment to review the Rehearsal Procedures for Band as found earlier in this document. We will have occasional after-school or night rehearsals before concerts and/or festivals. Each and every rehearsal will be announced far in advance in writing. After-school or night rehearsals will usually run from 5:45 pm to 8:00 pm. In order for the ensemble to be fully prepared and to perform at a high level, attendance is required at all after-school and night rehearsals. Students must be picked up within 15 minutes from the scheduled end of a rehearsal.

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