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Band Awards

There are many activities and factors which are highly encouraged and that contribute to the success and quality of the individual's and ensemble's musical growth and performance which cannot be directly reflected in a student's grade.

In recognition of students' efforts in these areas and as a positive motivational tool, band awards will be given out at the end of the year at the Band Awards Night. The awards night will be a relaxed, social affair with all band members, families, prospective students and alumni, administrators, guest performers and/or speakers, and will take place in the Folly Quarter Cafeteria. We will have award certificates, pins, plaques, and trophies. As any sort of participation in band requires extra discipline, energy and effort, all students who successfully complete the year will receive an award. The awards will be graduated in size and importance and awarded based on a point system that students earn during the school year.

Examples of Positive Points include:

  • Participation in a chamber ensemble outside of school.
  • Participation in Jazz Band.
  • Attended Summer Music Camp during the previous summer.
  • Participation in County Solo & Ensemble. Additional points for receiving a "I" rating.
  • Participation in State Solo & Ensemble. Additional points for receiving a "I" rating.
  • Section Leader.
  • Auditioning for All-State Band.
  • Performing with All-State Band.
  • Regular Private Lessons on Band Instrument.
  • Regular Private Lessons on Second Instrument.
  • Attending a concert as a listener.
  • Performing outside of school, such as in church, community band, etc.

Examples of Negative Points include:

  • Leaving instrument or music out of place.
  • Carelessness with instrument.
  • Forgetting instrument/borrowing a school instrument or sit-out during a rehearsal.
  • Failure to keep up on regular instrument maintenance.
  • Lost Music.
  • Negative, non-constructive, comments about another band member.
  • Conduct unbecoming of a Folly Quarter Middle School Band member.
  • Handling an instrument other than your own.
  • Lateness to a concert or night rehearsal.

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